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Library (for Shiksha Shastri):
Nowdays a library has come to be regarded as an integral part of the academic setup of a college, the major aim of which is to acquire, collect and organise books and other allied reading materials for use by students and faculty members and thus to support the teaching programme of the college. We have more then 5130 commendably classified Text books, Reference books, Research Journals and Magazines available in the Reading Room for the enhancement of the knowledge of the students.
Number of Books Qty
Text Books 4130
Reference Books 1000
Encyclopaedia 5
Technical Dictionaries 10
Monthly Magzines 5
Daily News Papers 3

Computer Lab:
Our computing infrastructure offers a truly various range of hardware and software platforms for the student to appreciate and gain wide-ranging experience. Our computer lab have 15 Desktop Computers, a projection facility along with a multimedia laboratory is the other attraction. Access to high-speed printing including color printing is also available.

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